Phone Stands

Handy in many situations - comes in many styles

Base (LxW) Height Purchase
2 14 x 1116 inches 4 14 inches Buy

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  • Make your phone stand out with this unique High Heels phone stand that also acts as a desk piece!

  • Available in many different colors!
  • Perfect gift for all types of occasion!

  • Fits:
  • -All IPhones
  • -All Samsung Galaxy phones
  • -All Google Pixel phones

  • -Most phones with dimensions up to 3.8in (width) x 6.8in (height) (Plus sized phones)

  • This item is created with a 3D printer. Thus each item is unique and may have small variations from print to print.

  • I first created this design as a gift for my cousin for her new IPhone and she really liked the unique design. For Etsy, I tweaked the design so that it holds most phones and tested it with many different phones especially the plus sized models!