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Welcome to the website where you will find many nifty creations of ours! We work hard in designing useful gadgets through 3D software, and printing them out using our 3D printers. If you want to purchase any of our creations, please click on the creations tab in the navigation bar, where you will be redirected to a gallery that displays our innovative creations. Every creation that we make can be purchased through Etsy (links can be found in the gallery). We strive to ensure that each one of our creations are made with quality and care, making sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase. If you have any suggestions on future creations we should sell or want to provide feedback in general, please fill out a suggestions form through clicking on the suggestions tab on the navigation bar. We value everyone’s inputs, and they might even make it to our shop! Thank you for checking out Ludicrous Creations.

Who Are We?

We are a brother duo (Bo and Kevin)

Bo focuses on coming up with and making our creations, while Kevin designs the website and logo for our company.

Bo the Creator:

3D printing started out as a hobby for almost 7 years ago now. I started off with designing very simple items such as phone stands or flashlight bike mounts for friends. Throughout college, I gained experiences in 3D printing from design and research projects. Then an internet forum introduced me to Etsy where I can sell my creations and here I am with my own store on Etsy. I am an engineer by day and a 3D printing tinkerer/Etsy seller at night!

Kevin the Tech Savvy:

I am a high school student who is very interested in the computer science field. My brother Bo introduced me to 3D printing, which I found fascinating and thus tagged along to the makings of Ludicrous Creations. I am able to apply my interest in computer science through creating the logo for Ludicrous Creations, as well as making the website for the company.

Got Ideas?

Suggestions? Tell us by submitting a form below. Every idea counts!