Junk Food Counter

Perfect for self-accountability!

Dimensions (LxWxH) Purchase
4" x 3.5" x 2" Buy
  • With so many of us stuck at home during this time, a friends of mine complained about eating to much snacks and junk food. Thus, the Junk Food Counter idea started. This is a device to keep track of how much junk food is eaten in a cool bead maze/abacus style device. Snacks is kept track by moving the beads towards the front through a fun maze like wire loop. Once you reach the last bead, maybe its a good idea to stop eating junk food for the day haha! Also a fun toy to put on desks and fidget with!

  • To choose:
  • Pick a color for the main structure and message board
  • Pick a color for the beads

  • Personalization:
  • Customized Color: Choose any color combination for structure, beads, and message board
  • Total Customization: Choose any color and unique texts on message board and text on beads

  • This item is created with a 3D printer. Thus each item is unique and may have small variations from print to print.