Beer Holsters

Never lose your drink ever again

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  • Have you ever set down your beer at a party and lost track of it? Well now you can carry your cans or bottles hands free with you anywhere with this convenient beer holster! Designed to easily clip onto pants or belts, now you will never lose track of your drink!

  • - Clip easily onto pants or belts
  • - Hold cans (12 oz)
  • - Hold tall boys cans (24 oz)
  • - Hold glass beer bottles (12-14 fl oz)
  • - Hold most plastic water bottles (12-17 fl oz)

  • This item is created with a 3D printer. Thus each item is unique and may have small variations from print to print.

  • I originally came to this problem when I lost track of a can in my hand at a party. I set down my drink to play a game and afterward lost track of it due to all the cans being the same. This got me thinking, is their a way where I can carry this can with me at all times without my hands? Thus the beer holster was born and it has been a hit with all of my friends!