Message Board

Crafty messages perfect for office display!

Dimensions (LxWxH) Purchase
3.5" x 2" Buy
  • Ever want to display a funny message while you are away from your desk or add a sense of humor to your cubicle? This idea was born to add a physical message to your cubicle, desk, or any area where you want to display a simple message. The desktop message board is a miniature restaurant style piece that you can add to any space to give it a creative and humorous message!

  • This message board comes with 3 different options to choose from, please select from the drop down which message and how many sides you want on it! Curated Text on one side Custom Text 1 side (back will be a blank white piece shown in 2nd from end picture) Custom Text 2 sides (2 different designs for front and back side shown by last picture)

  • Available to add custom messages! If you have lots of words, please contact seller to see if the message will fit.

  • This item is created with a 3D printer. Thus each item is unique and may have small variations from print to print.